A fancy pigeon + Society6 Sale!

New mugs and art! I’ll be posting new illustrations every day this week, so keep your eyes peeled, and let me know if you have any requests! Follow the link for the discount! -» http://society6.com/NyssaShaw?promo=89ed85

Last day for $5 off each item and free shipping! Check it out, my lovelies!

OH EM GEE~ These mugs are AWESOME. I need to buy all of them after camp is over. BY ALL THE THINGS. Lol. 


Anonymous asked:

How does one manage to work on film projects and have a day job at the same time? I imagine it's pretty difficult to figure out as the entire crew needs to be off work and able to be on location.

goingforpicture answered:

They don’t. Film IS a day job. You have to understand that. It’s not a hobby people do on the side. You can work small film gigs on weekends, but it’s been years since I worked a non-film job. This is how I make money. At some point, you make the decision to stop working non-film jobs and start throwing yourself in full time to film work.